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Traffic Calming Devices / State Restructuring 'Unrealistic'

In his weekly report ( ), Monrovia City Manager Scott Ochoa reports that ...

~ Monrovia will install "traffic calming devices." Whaaat? Yep. According to the report, they are also known as "speed tables," and are "made of recycled rubber materials, which is unlike the traditional 'Speed Bump' made of concrete or asphalt." The device "is designed to compel drivers to slow down to speed levels that enable better reactions to unexpected situations." The first one will go in around February 1 on the 500 block of Diamond Street.

~ He thinks Governor Brown's plan to get rid of redevelopment agencies is a bad idea. He said of Brown and his staff: "It is either foolhardy or courageous to proclaim that you will endeavor to restructure and 'realign' the apparatus of governance in California (personally, I think it is the latter); however, to leave yourself a mere 90 days in which to dismantle so critically important a mechanism as redevelopment is not realistic." He writes that "with this monumental of a change, the stakeholders must be engaged meaningfully."
- Brad Haugaard

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