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Monrovia's Canyon Oaks/Mountain Park Students Donate 22 Turkeys

[Awesome generosity by Monrovia's continuation high school students. I've written before ( ) about Monrovia's amazing continuation high schools. This article is from Natalie Macchia, Canyon Oaks/Mountain Park Counselor. - Brad Haugaard]

In response to Foothill Unity Center's outcry for help when short 300 turkeys, Canyon Oaks and Mountain Park High School students rallied to meet the needs in our community.  Under the direction of Special Education teacher Scott Iler, the effort began with a simple e-mail to teachers for help in collecting money to buy a couple of turkeys.  Mr. Iler proceeded to make an announcement in the classrooms letting students know they could participate in this effort and donate change if they had any to share.  Within an hour, over $300 was collected!

One young lady was embarrassed to give a handful of pennies, but still wanted to contribute anything she could.  A young man insisted on giving $1.50, which was reserved for his bus fair, stating he would walk instead.  Students repeatedly said, “I know what it's like to need and I want to give back, my family has used the Unity Center before." And lastly, a remarkable student who is gainfully employed, donated $120 of his own money, sharing that he is presently in a position to give back and believes that is the right thing to do having been in a previously rough situation. 

Following the collection, several staff members and students drove to Fresh and Easy in Duarte and were able to purchase 22 turkeys and 4 boxes of stuffing, partly because of the coupons employees provided so we could get the most with our money. The Unity Center was overjoyed with the delivery that meant so much coming from the most unlikely of groups in so many’s opinion.  It’s not very often that students in alternative education are recognized for the positive things they do to give back to their community. 

The students at COHS and MPS gave generously of themselves with no extrinsic reward attached; they gave selflessly because they care and know how awful it is to want/need.  Our students are good, many just have big problems that have caused them to be unsuccessful academically and at times personally in the past.  And their goodness did not stop at Thanksgiving.  COHS and MPS partnered with the Unity Center once again for Christmas, adopting two local children and showering them with gifts on their wish list, afforded by staff and students who again felt the need to give back.

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