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Great White Shark vs. Monrovia

Monrovia City Manager Scott Ochoa warns that Monrovia faces a "fragile" economic recovery during 2011.
In his weekly report, he writes that "The economic recovery that is underway still has not quite reached Main Street USA, and we have the financial and organizational bumps and bruises to prove it."
However, he said, sales tax revenue is up, property tax revenue is "mildly growing" and we're starting to see a bit of building.
But, he said, "2011 will not be easy, even if the State of California does leave us alone." And he does not seem optimistic that "the 30-foot great white shark that is the State of California" will leave the city alone.
Specifically, he is upset at Governor Jerry Brown's proposal to eliminated redevelopment agencies.
"I suppose," he writes, "I have to give the Governor credit for having the gumption for coming to the conclusion that, if he can't shake the money from the piggybank, he may as well take the piggybank and break it."
Ochoa adds that, "Without redevelopment agencies, most cities - perhaps every city - will be unable to sustain any semblance of economic development activity."
- Brad Haugaard

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