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Plant a Fast-Growing Oak

The City of Monrovia is suggesting residents consider a fast-growing native tree for their yards.
The tree is ... drumroll ... the common Coast Live Oak, which the city says is "almost without equal. They provide hillside erosion control, water wise gardening, a healthy ecosystem, and they are among the most fire-resistant of our local trees."
The report says:
"The main objection many people have to planting an oak tree is the belief that oaks grow very slowly. This is something of a misconception, especially concerning Monrovia's most common oak, the Coast Live Oak, which actually grows about 2-3 feet per year (height and spread). And it does most of its growing in the first 30 years, so if you plant an oak tree to celebrate the birth of a child, the tree will be big enough to be climbed by the time the child is big enough to climb it! If you are considering improving your hillside landscape, adding shade, or replacing an existing problem tree, the native oak deserves your consideration.
"Oaks are available for free in limited numbers from the Forestry Division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. These are native oaks, grown principally for the following purposes:
- Stabilizing hillsides
- Replacing invasive plants
- Replacing fire-hazardous plants in High Fire Hazard Zones
"For more information about obtaining a free oak tree, call the County at (909) 599-4615."
- Brad Haugaard

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