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Monrovia Gold Line Service to Improve In Late June

"All Gold Line trains will run from Azusa to East Los Angeles with frequencies of every seven minutes during peak hours beginning Monday, June 27, Metro CEO Phil Washington announced Thursday." Comment: This is very good. I take the trains at rush hour and most of the time it is standing room only because currently half the trains from LA end at Sierra Madre Villa station, which means the trains that continue on - and come back - are about every fifteen minutes and are very crowded. Hooray!

- Brad Haugaard


  1. This is really good news. I hate just standing at the Sierra Madre station waiting for the next train which, as you say, is inevitably packed, adding to the frustration of having had to wait.

    Now if they can just fix the traffic at Duarte and Myrtle.

  2. Good luck on that more trains means more times crossings are down. I don't understand how the lights are triggered sometimes a full minute will go by and all are red. Traffic west on Duarte at California is stopped even on green if front car is making a right since no right turn lane. Very frustrating

  3. I have been taking the Gold Line Train from East LA. They do not need crossing arms. The intersections have lights that warn the cars and the trains only cross the streets when safe. I haven't heard of any accidents from there to Los Angeles.