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Monrovia City Manager Estimates Cloverleaf Entry Point Should Be Open Within Three Months

I asked City Manager Oliver Chi for an update on progress opening the Cloverleaf entry point to the Hillside Wilderness area. Here's most of his response:

First, pursuant to the purchase and sale agreements that were approved, he City has been working to implement the capital improvements that were identified.  Those capital improvements include:

§  The City will install two (2) electric access control gates on Cloverleaf Drive.

  • The first gate shall be located on Cloverleaf Drive where Cloverleaf Drive splits off from Hidden Valley Road.
  • The second gate shall be installed on either the easements being acquired or on City owned property in-between the property owned by Baze and Reid.

§  The City will install a set of locking mailboxes for the residents of Cloverleaf Drive.
§  The City will install a public drinking fountain on City property located north of the facility known as Fire Station 103.
§  The City will install a public trash receptacle on City property located north of the facility known as Fire Station 103.

§  The City will develop mechanisms to divert pedestrian and bicycle traffic into and out of the HWP through the CAP onto the existing access trail located just west of the City’s Cloverleaf Canyon Reservoir.

We have been making good progress during the past month and half since the agreements were approved.  A status update of each item is included below:

§  We have complete the preliminary designs for the two fences that we need to install, and we have also obtained quotes from the contractors.  We are in the process of working with the contractor to refine the fencing quotes, and we plan on meeting with the residents within the next few weeks to finalize and approve the fencing plans in question.

§  We have identified the recommended mailbox, drinking fountain, and trash receptacle for installation.  We need to review the selections with the residents before we finalize the installation.

§  Our team has also assessed the access trail located west of the City’s Cloverleaf Canyon Reservoir, and the work needed to upgrade the location is minimal.  Our staff has identified that any needed work can be accomplished in less than a week, and therefore, we are holding off on making those improvements in order to coordinate the work with the installation of the two gates.

One other note… the permit parking program for the area has been developed in concert with the capital improvement work that staff has been executing.  The Traffic Safety Committee approved the permit parking program at their May 19, 2016 meeting and we are now working to get the signage developed and installed in consultations with the area residents.


Based on our progress to date, I do believe that we should be able to get everything completed within the next 3 months.

- Brad Haugaard

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