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The Four Problems Messing Up Monrovia Rail-Crossing Traffic

In addition to a faulty traffic-gate controller device (noted earlier), City Manager Oliver Chi notes in his weekly report three more problems that are contributing to the snarl of traffic around railroad crossings:

1. "It appears that several new operational procedures being implemented by Metro may be contributing to the delay at several at-grade crossings. Issues such as access to the maintenance and operation yard, operator switch-outs, and the amount of time that trains hold at platforms are all being analyzed, and the City has been assured by Metro personnel that they will be streamlining their operations as much as possible to limit any direct traffic impacts."

2. Traffic signal timing. The city has been reviewing traffic signal timing sheets and video detection cameras to improve when lights turn green and red.

3. "[The] left turn pocket for eastbound traffic on Duarte heading northbound onto Myrtle has been functioning very poorly. There are a variety of issues that have exacerbated the situation, including the fact that the left turn signal is getting skipped in the traffic phasing when the train crossing is activated. In addition, the lack of capacity in the left turn pocket is also contributing to the backup along Duarte.... [T]he plan right now is to revise the phasing at this intersection by making the left turn the leading phase after the rail crossing arms go up. This means that immediately after the train crossing, the left turn phase for eastbound traffic on Duarte turning north onto Myrtle will be set to clear, allowing 8-10 vehicles to get through the intersection, before it cycles back to the north / south traffic light signal."

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I have not seen trains remaining at various platforms for more than a minute. What I have seen a few times, is the Myrtle Ave RR gates remain down after the eastbound train has left Monrovia Station and crossed Myrtle. The westbound train was still sitting at the Duarte/City of Hope Station but the gates remained down until that westbound train finally crossed Myrtle. There is no need for the Myrtle Ave RR gates to come down until the westbound train has crossed California Ave.

  2. When gates go down I have noticed a time where no traffic is moving. East & west bound traffic has red lights? They should go green as soon as gate is down to keep some traffic moving.

  3. And while I'm sure the traffic planners, in their infinite wisdom, have a good reason to now prohibit southbound drivers on Magnolia from making left turns onto Pomona Ave, where the parking structure is located. This means those drivers need to turn onto Evergreen, head down to Myrtle, adding to the traffic mess there, just so they can go the short block to Pomona and drive back to the lot. I've seen many drivers, frustrated while waiting to make a right turn onto Myrtle (remember it is no longer legal to make a right turn against the red light onto Myrtle) instead cut through the gas station lot to get to Pomona Ave. I can't imagine this can continue much longer without an accident happening. Because of this "no left turn onto Pomona from Magnolia" rule, people who don't cut through the gas station lot, it can take several minutes just to travel the 100 feet to Pomona so they can get to the parking structure. This is stupid.

    1. If you are driving south on Magnolia, turn left (east) on Evergreen and right on *Primrose* (halfway between Magnolia and Myrtle). Then it is a straight shot down to the parking lot.

    2. Good. Thanks!

  4. On Mrytle and on Mountain. It's still a frustrating problem. It's been on going for months and all that has been done is addresses the issue and not fixed it.