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Full Train Service Comes to Monrovia

First train rolls in to Monrovia. 

The first full-service train arrived at the new Monrovia station at 12:11 p.m today, heading into LA.. Rides as far as Union Station and back are free today until midnight. Also, information  booths and live music. 

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. We rode from Monrovia to APU/Citrus, then back to Arcadia. Fun day. There were lots of people at each station. I hope people will see the possibilities the Metro can play in their transportation needs. We use it to go exploring, plus it is a great way to get to and return from LAX. Compliments to the many men and women, Sheriff Deputies, Metro staff, who directed crowds. You did it with courtesy despite the number of people waiting to board the trains. Good job to all of you!

  2. I agree with the previous comments. It was a fun day and all the staff were helpful and courteous.

    That said, the traffic around the station, particularly on Myrtle, was horrendous. I hope that gets worked out soon.

  3. Wonderful time - we took the free ride west to Old Pasadena (Memorial Park) and had some lunch and beers at Lucky Baldwins and 50/50. The ride was smooth but very crowded as there were no seats available on either trip for us but we took a short path and it went quick.

    Missing for me: Public restrooms at the stations?

    Disappointing: Could not get Monrovia transit back to downtown when I returned late for the last 4pm shuttle. I wish Monrovia Transit had better prepared. Our call response was "they are all busy and unavailable." And yes the transit route from downtown to and from the station ended at 4. We had a lovely Monrovian family who kindly gave an old couple a ride to downtown.

    I think the Gold Line is a winner. Will the city do enough to support its use? Hope so.

  4. Did you see in the news that the tracks were damaged because of a truck fire so they closed one or two stations.