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Sewage Smell in East Monrovia

Several east Monrovia residents are complaining about a strong sewage smell in the area between Mountain and Bradbury and Wildrose and Lemon. People posting on Facebook say they've contacted the city and have been told it is the county's responsibility and have contacted the county and been told it's the city's responsibility.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Yes I've smelled this too. It's terrible!

  2. "City" says "County"; "County" says "City". It matters not whose responsible as the Taxpayer has already incurred (and paid taxes). So the powers-that-be, please fix it.

  3. I await the mayor's response to this issue. Tom Adams, in my opinion, did a bait and switch with the increased sewer rates and bond monies when, prior to taking office, he blocked any and every attempt by the previous administration to repair the ancient and decrepit sewer system. He purposefully subverted every attempt to attend to any and all infrastructure problems, which was a willful disservice to the citizens he was entrusted with serving. Now that he is mayor, he is once again betraying his community by pushing through programs and taking money from the pockets of hard working Monrovians, under the guise of "redevelopment" that do little to benefit Monrovia but much to benefit his ego and friends.