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Antonovich Veterans Day Message | ChapCare Offers Insurance in Monrovia

~ Mayor Mike Antonovich, who represents Monrovia on the County Board of Supervisors, has released this Veterans Day Message: "On Veterans Day, our nation honors the 50 million soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel throughout our history, and their families, who have dedicated themselves to the defense of our country. We pray for those who have died, those with us today, and those currently serving to preserve liberty and peace throughout the world. For their service, sacrifice and courage, they have earned our permanent gratitude and respect."

~ Community Health Alliance of Pasadena (ChapCare) is expanding its Covered California insurance enrollment efforts to Monrovia beginning Nov. 10. Its office is at 513 E. Lime Ave., Suite 102.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. "Mayor" Mike Antonovich? Has he been elected to a new office?

    1. Yup. Mayor of LA County:

    2. The hubris of the L.A. County supervisors is astounding. Antonovich is out next year. Can't wait to see him go.