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Restaurant For Historic Monrovia Train Depot? Mystery Hole No Longer; Banners; Mt. Sierra Moving

From  City Manager Oliver Chi's weekly report ( )  ...

~ Above, renderings of the street light and pedestrian light banners planned for the Station Square project area.

~ The city hopes to find a restaurant to put in the historic Monrovia train depot.

~ For the Fourth of July weekend, Canyon Park and the  Hillside Wilderness Preserve will be closed July 3-5, and the Library will be closed between July 2-5.

~ By the end of the year, Mt. Sierra College is planning to move into a new space of approximately 25,000 square feet  at the south-west corner of Mountain Avenue and Royal Oaks Drive.

~ Upon investigation, the mystery hole outside Dr. Domotor's Animal House Veterinary Hospital (on the north side of Foothill) contains a large air conditioning unit in use by the business. The city has placed a steel plate over the hole and will keep the sidewalk detour until it comes up with a permanent fix.

- Brad Haugaard

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