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Monrovia May Limit Truck Weight | Seat for City on Board of LabLaunch? | Etc.

In his latest weekly report ( ), City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ The city's Traffic Safety Committee is considering a modification to the city's truck route ordinance to limit trucks entering the 210 freeway from Myrtle to 14,000 pounds.

~ Korva Labs ( and Drywired, LLC ( have moved into the new LabLaunch science / technology incubator facility at 605 East Huntington, and more companies are scheduled to move in during the coming months. Chi said that the city has "discussed the possibility of the City being provided with a seat on the LabLaunch Monrovia Board of Directors to ensure that the City's interests are well represented as the overall biotech / science / technology platform continues to grow.

~ The city is tentatively planning a joint meeting between the Monrovia City Council and the Monrovia Unified School District on August 17 at 5 p.m. Location not announced yet.

~ The new Foothill Gold Line Operations Campus got its first resident train car, or "light rail vehicle" (LRV). Chi writes: "The vehicle was very large and was delivered using an oversized-load trucking service. This is the first of many similar deliveries that will be taking place over the next year and a half."

- Brad Haugaard

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