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Monrovia Woman's Car Hijacked - Her Son Almost Taken

A Monrovia woman reports that her car was hijacked just a few feet away from her as she got money out of the Wells Fargo ATM machine in the Huntington Oaks Shopping Center at about midnight Saturday night. Her son was in the car and just managed to get out. Source: Facebook posting.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Again, it's irresponsible to repost something from Facebook and pass it off at news. Guess monrovianow got its journalism ethics from Rolling Stones magazine.

    1. I hope you are kidding. This is a local, informational blog, not a news outlet.

  2. It is spreading false information. Check crimemapping.Com. no carjacking happened. The headline to this "blog" says womans car highjacked, son almost taken, which is an outright lie. Have some integrity.
    What a joke.

  3. Yes, Michael, it happened. See this Monrovia Police report: Was it a carjacking? I think so: According to this dictionary ( ) carjacking is "the taking of an occupied automobile by force," and since the son was in the car (though thankfully he escaped), it was occupied.