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New Monrovia Street Fair Doing Well

The Friday Night Street Fair, under new management, stretches along Myrtle from Chestnut up to Lemon. It seems to be going well, despite the spinoff street fair in Arcadia. Shops, food, pony rides, bounce houses and more. 

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. Is the farmers market part still there? I heard that part might be heading to Arcadia.

    1. Yes. There's still a farmers market

  2. From a visitor's perspective, it was good. Much like it's always been, but updated with a few new vendors, a different kind of musical act, and lots of people milling about.

    While not strictly separated, they've gone back to having the food/market vendors South of Olive, which I don't like as much. Why can't they extend up towards the park instead of down towards Huntington? The "Kids Zone" is waaaaaay down the street, far from the most of the action.

    The farmers market indeed still there. It seems to be the same folk who've always been there, which is okay though I wish there were more fresh food vendors. I do look forward to trying out several of the new food vendors. Last night I had some decent paella. Next time I'm hoping to try out Mama Musubi if they return.

    So in all it was nice. I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops over the coming weeks.