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Monrovia Police: Suspects Hang Around After Robbery, Get Arrested; Drunk Driving; Wife Yells For Help, Then Is Arrested For Assaulting Husband

[Monrovia Police activities from the Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Report for June 1-3. - Brad Haugaard]

During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 397 service events, resulting in 70 investigations.

Armed Robbery – Suspects Arrested
On June 1 at 1:13 a.m., an officer on patrol stopped a red Chevy Camaro on Foothill for a traffic violation. The vehicle was occupied by two male subjects in their twenties. The subjects claimed they were looking for an address and were distracted. The driver was let go with a warning. Shortly after, a female victim was robbed of her Verizon note pad by two male suspects in a red Chevy Camaro with handguns. Officers searched for the suspects and vehicle, but were unable to locate them.

On June 1 at 10:27 p.m., the officer that made the original traffic stop saw the vehicle and suspects stopped at Madison and Foothill. A high-risk stop was made with the assistance of the Foothill Air Support helicopter. A search of the vehicle revealed two Airsoft guns and the property stolen in the robbery. The suspects were arrested and taken into custody, and the vehicle was stored as evidence.

Hit and Run Traffic Collision / Driving Under the Influence – Suspect Arrested
June 2 at 10:02 p.m., officers responded to a traffic collision at Colorado and Mayflower. One of the vehicles tried fleeing the scene and the other driver chased after the vehicle. Both vehicles stopped at Olive and Monterey until officers arrived. Further investigation revealed the fleeing driver had been drinking alcohol. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence. There were no injuries from the collision.

Domestic Violence – Suspect Arrested
June 4 at 12:06 a.m., officers responded to the report of a female yelling for help in the 1800 block of South Mayflower. Officers arrived and located the house where the screaming was coming from. Investigation revealed the female subject had attacked her husband while he was trying to go to sleep. The husband had visible injuries to his neck and face. The wife was arrested for domestic violence.

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