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Mario Andretti Fuels Up at Monrovia Shell Station

Mario and Shell Owner Ramzi Rabadi.

Monrovia Shell Station owner Ramzi Rabadi writes to say: "We had an exciting moment last night at Monrovia Shell. Mario Andretti filling up gas (v-power nitro) in his Ferrari heading to Jay Leno garage.

Shell was doing a roadshow driving across the country.  It started June 1 in Time Square and it ended at Monrovia Shell before going to Jay Leno's garage.  Shell is promoting its new V-Power Nitro and our site was the winner as best image station in the Los Angeles Area.  We knew Ferraris would be fueling up before ending at Jay Leno garage but were surprised to find out the driver of the lead Ferrari was Mario Andretti."

- Brad Haugaard

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