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New Company Donates $3k to Library | Old Cars for Monrovia High | Girls Volleyball in Playoff Game

~ Monrovia Library reports that a new company called THNQ TANK, 137 E Colorado, threw a grand opening Halloween party, then donated $3,000 to the library's Youth Services Department.

~ A writer on the Nextdoor network says that Monrovia High School Auto shop would like people to donate old cars, trucks and vans (you'll get a tax receipt) to help students learn to rebuild engines, change brakes, alternators, batteries, etc. Doesn't matter if it runs. I'd guess you call Monrovia High to arrange a donation: 471-2800.

~ Mayor Mary Ann Lutz reports that the Monrovia High School girls volleyball team is at a CIF playoff game at Esperanza High in Anaheim tonight.

- Brad Haugaard

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