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Monrovia Police: Tips to Protect Christmas Package Delivery

With lots of package deliveries coming up for the Christmas season, and a good chance packages will be left on front porches, thieves often follow delivery trucks. The Monrovia Police department has some suggestions help prevent theft of your packages:

- If possible, use your workplace as the shipping address.
- Track your shipments by phone or online so that you know what day they should arrive.
-  Ask your neighbor to watch for your delivery and then hold the items until you arrive home.  Keep an eye on your neighborhood and report suspicious persons or vehicles in the area.
-  Request a signature delivery option if available or request the shipment be held at the shipping facility such as a UPS office.
-  Check with "mailbox" businesses in your town and see if they will accept shipment of your item for a fee.
-  If you do not receive your shipment on time, check with the company of origin and confirm the delivery. If the item was delivered and you did not receive it, report the theft or loss to the original company, the shipping company, and your local police.

- Brad Haugaard

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