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Monrovia Holiday Home Decorating Contest

If you want to enter Monrovia's Holiday Home Decorating contest, the entry form is here:

Judging will be on Monday, Dec. 15. Winners will be recognized during the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 16. Categories are:

  • Best Still Display
  • Best Outdoor Display
  • Best Decorated Outdoor Tree
  • Best Window Display
  • Holiday Spirit Award
  • Most Effective Use of Outdoor Holiday Lighting
  • Toyland Award
  • Children’s Choice Award
  • Best Neighborhood Effort
  • Snowman Award
  • Judges’ Award
  • Tim McKeehan “Best of Season” Award

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Hi Brad, for some reason every link you put up comes across on my computer as a link to a COMPLETELY different site. Is there another way I can get to the sight to find out more about the contest?
    Thank you!!

  2. Edie, try the link below. The link works perfectly for me and I've heard no other complaints, so I wonder if you may have a virus that is changing links to go to some sleazy site.

  3. The links work for me too. Sounds like a virus. Run malwarebytes (free version).