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Monrovia Council Will Consider Moratoriums on Home Demolition and Construction Permits

At its Nov. 18 meeting (agenda: ) the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~ Establishing a 45-day moratorium "prohibiting the demolition or structural alteration of any main building on a property in the city constructed prior to January 1, 1940, while the City undertakes a comprehensive advanced planning process for the preservation of neighborhood character."

~ Establishing a 45-day moratorium "prohibiting the issuance of permits for the construction of new residential dwellings or specified substantial additions to residential dwellings and accessory structures, while the City undertakes a planning process to analyze techniques that can be implemented to preserve neighborhood character." The staff report says the logic of this is that: "Neighborhood character can be diminished each time a new dwelling is constructed to be significantly larger than other homes in the neighborhood."

- Brad Haugaard

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