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Opinion: Congratulations to Monrovia for How It Handled Flash Flood Danger

With the rain apparently gone for now, and thankfully not as bad as it might have been, it seems like a good time to say how impressed I was with the City of Monrovia's disaster preparation, and by how smoothly the plan was carried out.

The city - fire and police in particular - seemed well coordinated; police were joined by fellow officers from other local communities, who seemed to fit right in without confusion; the city's emergency operations center seemed to know what was going on minute by minute; communications with the public and media was well organized; robotic calls went out to residents who might have been affected by flooding; an emergency evacuation center was ready; volunteers were involved and seemed to know what they needed to do; there was even temporary pet boarding arranged by the Pasadena Humane Society (which now contracts with Monrovia) and discounts arranged at local hotels.

Well done! Very well done indeed!

- Brad Haugaard

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