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Monrovia Police Scam Alert - Business Utilities Shut-Off Threat

The Monrovia Police Department wants to alert the public to a scam that has been occurring in the area targeting businesses.

The suspects in this scam call the business claiming to be in billing or collections for Southern California Edison (SCE) and/or Verizon. The caller tells the business their services are going to be shut off within 45 minutes to an hour, and a crew has already been dispatched to cut off the service unless a same-day payment is made immediately. They claim their records show the business is late on their payment and the service to the business will be affected within the hour.

The caller then requests the payment be made by a prepaid VISA or Money Pak Card and then tells the business where they are available. The suspects sound legitimate and are targeting businesses, as businesses typically cannot afford to be without phones or power over the weekend.

It is NOT normal SCE or Verizon protocol to shut off service on the weekends.

The Monrovia Police Department is asking the public to spread awareness to this scam in hopes of preventing this crime from happening and to help keep Monrovia businesses from becoming the victim. Please be aware that utility companies do not work this way and always call the company to verify any information. If you feel something is suspicious, you can always call the Monrovia Police Department at (626) 256-8000.

Source: Monrovia Police press release

- Brad Haugaard

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