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Quake in Monrovia

Apparently an earthquake in Monrovia. I'll update when I get more information.

Update: Centered near La Habra.

LA Times says it was a 5.3:
Star-News says a 3.6, and no damage reported:

It felt like shaking then swaying to me. Not too bad.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. There were two earthquakes one after the other. The firstv was a 5.1 followed quickly by a 3.6. You can look them up online just google recent earthquakes in california.

  2. Actually the 3.6 was an 3/28/14 8:03pm foreshock to the 3/28/14 9:09pm 5.1 earthquake.

  3. We are both right. Look it up. There was a 3,6 a few days before. But thr 5.1 was immediately followed by a 3.4 within seconds. I did make the mistake of saying 3.6 instead of 3.4. Sorry.

  4. How ironic is this I moved my family to Brea after growing up in Arcadia to be near my wife's family, and we get energized by a 5.1
    If anybody is familiar with the word FRACKING out there shout out.If you have any knowledge on earthquakes these dummies in the Whittier area have drilled in the ground in there search for oil and greed.
    Do they really know what the heck there doing?