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Evacuated Monrovia Residents May Return Home; Evacuation Center Closed

Monrovia is lifting mandatory evacuations of residents living in the Madison Fire areas. Residents are now under advisory evacuations, but can go home. Only residents living on Highland Place, one of the most affected areas by mud and debris flow, will gain access to that street.

We are advising residents located in the Madison Fire area to be aware that the potential for erosion and debris flowing down the mountain towards residential areas still exists.

As of now, we are ramping down our EOC to a Level 1, with only fire staffing overnight. The last of the large cells have come through and we are seeing clear water coming off the hills with very little mud and debris.

The Monrovia Community Center is now closed as the evacuation center. Residents can still call in to (626) 932-5550 overnight and someone will answer.

Monrovia is reporting 4.5" of rain in the past two days. Tonight LA County will continue to work to clear as much off the streets as possible. We appreciate the patience of our residents living in the affected areas and their vigilance to the mudflow concerns throughout the weekend and over the next week.

Source: city press release

- Brad Haugaard

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