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Monrovia's State Senator Liu Announces Money for Energy Improvements at Local Schools

Senator Carol Liu (who represents Monrovia) announced that roughly $47 million is being made available by the state to fund energy efficiency and clean energy projects for schools in the 25th Senate District, which includes Monrovia.

Also, nearly $50 million will be provided to fund energy projects at California's 112 community colleges. These projects provide a triple benefit by reducing energy bills, improving school conditions and providing jobs to help employ the 400,000 plus unemployed construction workers in the state.

As a main recipient of funds from the Proposition 39, public schools will benefit from long-term energy savings. Clean energy projects will help reduce energy and utility bills due to inefficient lighting, heating, insulation, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Each school district will be provided a funding allotment based on the average daily attendance and weighted for poverty.

Source: Liu press release

- Brad Haugaard

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