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Monrovia Council: Helping Old Town, Energy Program, Police and Fire Unions, Helping the Chamber

At the Monrovia City Council's July 16 meeting (agenda: ) the council will ...

- Hear a report about Old Town. Among other things, the city wants to recruit national retailers for the area, "specifically those in the categories of nationally recognized bookstores, specialty gourmet food stores, retail wine stores, and gaming stores." Here's the report (It's pretty interesting):

- Consider a California program allowing residential, multifamily, and commercial property owners to participate in a clean energy program. Advantages to homeowner: cheap loans, lower energy costs, etc.

- Have more private discussion about a deal with the police union and firefighters union.

- Consider a one-year "Support Services Agreement" with Monrovia Chamber of Commerce for $43,819.

- Brad Haugaard

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