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Monrovia Assemblymember: Boycott Florida

Press release from Monrovia's Assemblymember:

Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) - with the backing of the California Legislative Black Caucus - said he would introduce a resolution calling for a repeal of Florida's "stand-your-ground" law and urging a boycott of Florida in the wake of the not guilty verdict in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

"When I heard the verdict last weekend, I was disappointed and saddened. Another young black child is dead and nobody is being held accountable," said Assemblymember Holden. "It is a true nightmare scenario for every black parent in America, and a sad commentary on racial injustice in this country.

While sitting in a downtown Los Angeles courthouse waiting to be called for jury duty earlier this week, I thought 'What do we do now'? I urge the Department of Justice to investigate civil-rights charges against Zimmerman and it is my sincere hope that the tragic death of Trayvon Martin compels legislators in Florida and other states to put an end to stand-your-ground laws. I keep asking myself - didn't Trayvon Martin have a right to also stand his ground? What were Trayvon Martin's rights?

Until then, I plan to plan to introduce a Resolution on behalf of the California Legislative Black Caucus urging a boycott of Florida, and encouraging all organizations, businesses, and families who would normally do business with or travel to Florida to consider patronizing other states; it's just not safe to travel in Florida until the law is changed.

The death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy that will reverberate across the country. My heart is heavy, but I continue to believe that a peaceful, lawful solution is the only answer. By boycotting Florida tourism, conventions, and conferences we send a clear message that the death of an unarmed black teenager cannot be tolerated."

Source: Holden press release

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Who in God's name is Holden to determine other States Law. I have a friend who was recently threatned with a machete by two fellows who were working as gardeners. My friend is 72 years old, he CANNOT run. But, he did have his baretta with him, he standed his ground an all he had to do was removed the security switch from his weapon. Incident solved and he did stand his ground. Good for Florida.