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Girders | Monrovia Journalist Dies | Chu: Not Enough Asians in Administration

~ Here are the girders that were transported through Monrovia, now in place as part of the 700-foot long San Gabriel River Bridge.

~ Star-News writer and Monrovia resident, Janette Lamb Williams, died unexpectedly at her home. Comment: I had the privilege to sit next to Janette at a party once and was impressed by her kindly good humor and wit. She was also a fine writer. I knew that whenever I read one of her articles that everybody would be treated fairly.

~ Congresswoman Judy Chu, who represents Monrovia, writes that she will be meeting with President Obama and complains that "there have not been any new high-level Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI) appointments to replace outgoing AAPI secretaries in his second term." She says that "the administration is missing an opportunity to fully reflect the diversity of our country in its leadership."

- Brad Haugaard

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