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Is Monrovia Vulnerable to Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting ( ) that Monrovia, along with five other California cities, are being kept under close watch by the California state auditor as being "vulnerable" to "fraud, waste and mismanagement." The story said the auditors looked at "key financial indicators" such as "a city's ability to respond to financial emergencies, pay short-term debts and meet its pension obligations."

Comment: Note that the article says "vulnerable," not "guilty of".

Update: Mayor Tom Adams responds - "[U]nfortunately the Times missed the part where the State finished their audit and basically let us off the list. Once again, Journalistic Integrity fail to tell the whole story."

Update 2: Chris Ziegler provides a link to the auditor's letter to the city:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Be very wary when the official city response is to blame the journalists. Especially with "basically let us off the list" as an explanation. There wasn't a "whole story" as far as I can read here. Just a note that Monrovia is a city that should be monitored by all. Seems fair enough to me.

  2. If there is nothing to hide, an audit can and should be seen as a tool for opportunities to improve. Maybe the audit can help re-allocate funds or identify opportunities for increasing funds to help increase our police officers.I don't understand why there isn't a greater sense of urgency around the lack of police in our city..

  3. Here is the link to the report - there are a few action items for the city, it's a quick read.

    1. Thanks Chris, interesting.

    2. I added this link to the main story, giving you credit.

  4. Wow, Tom Adams response sure was 100% bullshit. He didn't address any of this, just blamed Sacramento. Our leadership is so darn shady.