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First Bears, Now Bobcats

Jeff Schmidt writes on Facebook this morning about a bobcat:

"Last night (this morning) around 2am a bobcat attacked our bunnies on our front porch on the 100 block of N. Canyon. It dragged the large, locked, wheeled cage across the porch and one of the three bunnies had its head stuck between the bars. Other than the trauma and some blood near its mouth they all appear ok. The bobcat was sitting on our neighbors lawn watching us free the bunny and then walked south, unaffected by my aggressive moves toward scaring it away. This is the first run-in we've had in 3+ years. Scary to see a bobcat this far south."

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. My neighbor in the 300 block of Canyon N of Hillcrest, over the weekend took photo's of a bobcat hanging out in his back yard.