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Monrovia School Board to Discuss Enrollment

The Monrovia School Board will hold a special meeting on Aug. 29 (this Monday) to discuss "enrollment patterns." My guess is that the pattern the board is concerned about shows a downward direction.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. MUSD is about a week in and have our kids enrolled here. I will without my judgment but so far have not been impressed.

    Little to no communication from teacher and principal, no teacher meet and great and a host of smaller items. I'm hoping after back to school night that we can publicly address items and have some action.

    1. Wow, really? School just started. Back to School Night has already happened at some schools, and the rest will be having it within the next week or two. You can always email the principal or teachers with any concerns you may have. No teacher meet and greet? Wow! I don't think parents appreciate the amount of work that teachers and support staff put in to get prepared for the school year. Based on the mistakes in your comment, I suppose one could make a judgment on your education, but not knowing you, that would not be the right thing to do. Please get to know the staff at your school, and you will find that the majority of them are there to support your child.

    2. It's an online forum so I apologize that I didn't pay attention to spelling and grammatical errors as if I were writing a letter.

      Besides the point, yes a meet and greet for Pre-K and K students is a big thing when children are going to a full day of school for the first time and at that age. Not only for the child but the parents as well.

      Judging from your comments, I suppose one could make a judgment that you have minimal education in early childhood development. So stop with the back-handed remarks.

  2. The desire to "freeze" Monrovia in a prior era to "preserve our neighborhood" is going to price younger families out of the area or provide housing stock that is appreciated much more by current residents than new families, just as it has in San Francisco and other areas so enthralled with their own ambiance.

    High density townhouse living is a religious issue for city planners these days, and that trend will tend to dissuade families with kids from locating here. My daughter lives in SF and now that my grandson has taken his first steps, they are desperate to get into a house, even a small one, and out of a hive environment.

    Couple those drivers to Anonymous' experience and school populations will continue to decline.

    1. So, higher real estate values are a bad thing in your opinion? That just seems like such a backward way to look at your neighborhood (imo). You want more crappy, boxy apartments and possibly more drug addicts breaking into homes to bring prop values down to a level you are happy with?