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Crime Up 29% in Monrovia Because of Changes in Law, Chief Reports

Monrovia Police Chief Jim Hunt reports that crime in Monrovia is up 29 percent, according to Monrovia Mayor Tom Adams.

Adams said Assembly Bill 109 and Proposition 47 "have all put more criminals on the streets. The state didn't plan well enough to have a jobs program waiting for them." Also, he said, "The Governor just vetoed a bill approved by all members of the state legislature except one. That bill would have made gun theft a felony, now, if the gun is worth less than $950 you get a citation."

- Brad Haugaard


  1. And again they take no responsibility for allowing our library and parks to be home base for drug addicts to live. Always the fault of someone else.

  2. If members of our community and State continue to vote for these progressive, bleeding heart propositions than they only have themselves to blame for the outcome.

    1. We vote for local government officials. There are many things that our city could be doing to eradicate the drug addicts from our parks. You don't see these people in San Marino, because some cities take a zero tolerance policy, and some cities do nothing and just blame people in the sky.

  3. The city says we've seen a 29% increase in crime due to Prop. 47 and the issues related to AB-109. I hate to be the one to bring this up but the 29% is a conservative number. The city's crime stats don't account for all the crimes that were not reported to the police or the calls for service where an officer failed to write a report. 29% is pretty bad but the true number is most likely higher.