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Dog Cafe at Monrovia Street Fair, Mountain/Duarte Intersection, eLibrary, Etc.

In his weekly update, City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ Raw Inspiration, which will be running the Friday night street fair starting August 19, will add a pet cafe area where you can drop off your dog or hang out with other dog owners. Also adding meat, fish, and flower vendors, and special kids activities the first Friday of each month.

~ After discussions with Metro, northbound traffic on Mountain Avenue will be able to turn right at Duarte Road on most red lights, except when a pedestrian is crossing Duarte.

~ You can now access movies, e-magazines and e-books on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You just need a library card. Start here:

~ Monrovia has sent Fire Engine 101 and four personnel to assist with the fire fight in Big Sur.

~ The library will establish a Veterans Resource Center with a state grant of $9,725. The money will be used for materials, equipment and display items, and for event programming and training for volunteers and staff.

~ New stop signs will be installed on August 8 at the Mayflower Avenue and Evergreen/Diamond intersection, just south of the 210.

~ Monrovia-based Los Angeles News Group (owner of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Pasadena Star-News) has changed its name from Los Angeles News Group (LANG) to Southern California News Group (SCNG) after recently acquiring the Orange County Register and the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

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