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Monrovians Not Too Happy About Trash Bill Increase

Monrovia residents are seeing their higher trash bills arrive in the mail and - judging from comments on social media - are none too happy about it.

One resident writes to say he thinks it is a back-door way for the city to raise taxes since the agreement between the city and Athens gives the trash company an 18-year rolling contract in exchange for Athens giving the city rebates of $650,000 per year. The additional cost also gives residents additional services, which I outlined here: . You can see the city staff report on the agreement with Athens here: .

Also, some of the cost increase is because of the adoption of Assembly Bill 1826, which requires an organic waste diversion program for businesses. You can see the bill here:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. 650,000 back to the city is about $50 per household. What a scam. Where is our mayor and leadership on this? We have zero leadership in Monrovia. Such a dirty, backdoor method of stealing more money from the citizens.

  2. Transparency does NOT mean that the City get to unilaterally increase my trash bill absent full and open debate. We were simply told the bill will increase and the details of an agreement will be given after-the-fact.

    Athens Services said that the "The City of Monrovia has decided to comply with the new bill by adding the surcharge to all services regardless of the type of service." Where's the formal record [and details] of that decision exactly? When was it made? Did it come for a vote? Who voted for it? When was the formal notice to each and every property owner made?

    Specific to Assembly Bill 1826, there's no language that says it applies to a residential property. So how come my house got an increase in the trash bill that uses Assembly Bill 1826 as it's justification?

    City leadership needs to make sure the laws they use for to justify their decisions actually apply. Class action lawsuit, anyone?

  3. Maybe someone should look more into Monrovia's 'negotiated' contract? The counter-parties (and process) seem suspect given Athens Services litigation history.

    Athens Services Contract Leads To Lawsuit For Bribery ...

  4. I think i remember reading about this topic being discussed at the city council meeting , in the city managers report. I was not at that particular meeting, but did get to read about it. Are all of you who are complaining attending any council meetings so you can hear issues being discussed before final decisions are made? That is the time to voice your opinion so it can be heard before the final decision.