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Monrovia City House for Sale; Mayor; Construction on Water, Sewer Lines, Pink Cops, Etc.

In his weekly report ( ), City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

~ Monrovia has put its Annex Facility up for sale. Minimum bid $670,000. This is an historic landmark house at 200 East Lime Ave, across from City Hall. It is a landmarked home known as the Tillapaugh House, a 2,331 square-foot home built in 1906 on 8,000 square feet of land. Details:

~ If you'd like more information about the proposed switch to a rotating-mayor form of city government (rather than a directly-elected mayor), lots more here, as well as an opinion survey:

~ Construction on water and sewer pipelines, water facilities, streets, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters will begin in the southwest and southeast portions of town this August. Everything to the eastern and western city limits between Colorado to the north and the 210 Freeway to the south. The rest of the city comes later. Details:

~ If you see a Monrovia Police officer wearing a pink patch starting in August, it's to support breast cancer awareness.

~ An iris mosaic has been installed at the base of the kinetic iris art piece located in front of City Hall on the corner of Lemon Avenue and Ivy Avenue.

~ A life-sized sculpture of an old fashioned movie director, a free standing movie camera and a tall director's chair should be installed on Myrtle near the Krikorian Theatre this August 17.

- Brad Haugaard

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