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Monrovia State Senator Reports on Her Bills That Have Become Law

State Senator Carol Liu, who represents Monrovia, reports that nine of her bills were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown this year. Here are six she highlights:

  • SB 64 requires the California Transportation Commission to provide specific recommendations to the Legislature and Governor for improving the California Transportation Plan. The Plan is updated every five years to improve the state’s highway, passenger rail and public transit systems and integrate transportation planning with greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability planning. Comment: It's kind of a sorry situation when you have to require a state agency to do something that should be one of its basic functions.
  • SB 68 expands the time that juvenile courts can provide to reunify teen-age parents with their children who have been placed temporarily in the Foster Care system.
  • SB 172 suspends the outdated California High School Exit Exam and directs the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to convene a task force to recommend an updated exam linked to current Common Core public education standards.
  • SB 219 streamlines a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation program that helps nonviolent, low-risk offenders complete their sentences and re-enter society as productive citizens.
  • SB 445 will let homeless youth stay in the school where they are currently enrolled if they find housing in another area. This is the same enrollment security that Foster Care Children receive when they change places of residence.
  • SB 675 will make sure hospitals identify a caregiver and engage that person in discharge planning to assure patients receive proper care when they return to their home.

Source: Liu press release -

- Brad Haugaard

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