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Monrovia Council: Replace Reservoir; Ban Marijuana; Historic District; Train Depot; Etc.

At its December 15 meeting (agenda: ), the Monrovia City Council will ...

- Consider doing some preliminary work to replace the "structurally compromised" Oakglade water reservoir, which is full of "leaks, cracks, and root intrusion" with a larger capacity reservoir, which will cost about $3 million and take two years to complete. As part of the same action, the council will consider a new water well, which will eventually cost $2.7 million. In this action, however, the council will just consider hiring Civiltec to do the design work on the projects, for $616,620. I believe the reservoir is up Canyon, right at the point where it turns into Oakglade.

- Consider prohibiting the delivery of marijuana and medical marijuana products to and from the city, and prohibiting mobile marijuana dispensaries in the city.

- Hear a report on historic districts in Monrovia. Here's the report:

- Again consider a deal with Daylight Limited, LLC to fix up the historic Santa Fe Depot. (The deal was on the agenda last meeting but the proposal wasn't ready, so i was put off to this meeting.)

- Consider contracting with two companies to do engineering and landscape design work for Julian Fisher Park.

- Brad Haugaard


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  2. Hmm, can you confirm location of reservoir? There's a "tank" at the top of Oakglade just on the hill above where Oakglade and Ridgeside intersect. The reservoir at Oakglade and Canyon is, I believe an "in ground" reservoir...

    1. Another city document here ( ) refers to the Oakglade Reservoir as being at the location I meant to indicate. Actually, more correctly, I shouldn't have said Canyon turns in to Oakglade, but rather that Canyon veers off to the east to go up to Canyon Park and Oakglade begins at that point.