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Wandering Monrovia Homes

You might think that once a house is build it pretty much stays put. Well, not always. The latest Monrovia Historic Preservation Group newsletter give several examples of traveling homes:

- The Tillapaugh House at 200 E. Lime once stood at 129 S. Primrose.

- The Luther Blair House, at 508 S. Ivy, was originally at the northwest corner of Ivy and Olive.

- The home at 224 S. Heliotrope was once at the SW corner of Heliotrope and Wildrose.

- The 1887 Victorian and Colonial Revival home at 240 W. Hillcrest Blvd. once stood on the southeast corner of Hillcrest and Magnolia.

- Mills View, at 329 Melrose Avenue, once faced Hillcrest Boulevard but was turned 90 degrees.

(Thanks to MOHPG - - for the information.)

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Here is another Wandering House Story. The two story house on the southeast corner of Lime and Ivy once stood on the northwest corner of Primrose and Lynwood. Functioned as the Monrovia Chapter of The AmericanRedCross. Was moved sometime in the 1970's I believe. This is good stuff Brad. Thanks Sir.

    1. Disregard my comment ... The Tillapaugh House is listed. I must be a robot. Sorry.