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Monrovia Council: Water and Sewer Tax Increase; Electronic Signs; Giggle Revenue Deal; Property Sale; Evaluations

At its next meeting (agenda: ), the Monrovia City Council will ...

- Hold a public hearing about increasing taxes to pay for sewer and water system repairs. Estimate for water system: $23,258,000. For sewer system: $13,647,038. For an average family that would be a monthly water-rate increase from $7.88 to $14.88, a $7 increase. For sewer, it would be from $4.77 to $8.77, a $4 increase. Together, about an $11 increase.

- Consider amending the zoning ordinance to allow "recreational facilities in the public/quasi public zone" to install electronic message boards. This would let organizations such as the YMCA, which requested the change, to have an electronic sign, kinda like the one Mt. Sierra College has at Huntington and Myrtle.

- Consider a deal in which Giggle Fiber (our local Internet service provider) will pay the city 5% of revenues collected for residential, internet-only customers, and 6% of revenues collected for its premium GiggleEXTRA customers.

- Put on its "Successor Agency" hat (successor to the former Redevelopment Agency) and consider selling agency-owned property to Romeo Estate Vineyard, LLC, for $650,000. The property is at 124-126 West Pomona Avenue.

- Do a closed-session performance evaluation of the city manager and city attorney.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I know the water and sewer systems need repair, but a near-doubling of the rates? Wow.

  2. 650k seems ridiculously cheap for that lot. I'm guessing they are friends of our mayor.

  3. I am concerned by the lack of comment/conversation about this huge increase of rates! I sure hope people turned in their cards ( that were mailed out to us) to protest this giant leap in rates!