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Jordan Kittleson Election Statement - Running for Monrovia City Council

Renowned philosopher Sun Tzu once wrote “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” These words speak volumes to the vital importance of dedication, work ethic, preparation, and strategic planning in achieving pure Monrovian exceptionalism.
Holding a Master’s degree in Public Administration, my background neatly attaches itself with the concept of public service. From serving as a Residential Community Advisor and Secretary of Legislative Affairs in graduate school to providing constituent services to the City of Monrovia as an intern in a Congressional office, I fundamentally believe that my skill set is well-equipped to tackle the toughest of City Council assignments.
Although Monrovia continues to hold an unwavering commitment to excellence and sets the standard on many fronts, there is more work to be done.  The epicenter of my platform will prioritize initiatives designed to stimulate community development, emphasize financial responsibility and accountability, expand city volunteerism, and, perhaps most importantly, optimize our potential of educational support for our youth.
Bearing this in mind, it would be my distinguished honor and esteemed privilege to earn your vote on April 14th for the office of Monrovia City Council.  This truly is our time to shine.

City Council Nominee
Jordan K. Kittleson for Monrovia City Council 2015

a: 133 W. Hillcrest Blvd Monrovia, CA 91016

"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
--Walt Whitman

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