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Monrovia Council Adopts Plastic Bag Ban, Rejects Inclusion of City in Federal Recreation Area

At its Tuesday meeting, which lasted into Wednesday morning, the Monrovia City Council voted to...

- Adopt a ban on plastic grocery bags, which will begin to be enforced in 120 days. Mayor Mary Ann Lutz and council members Alexander Blackburn and Larry Spicer voted in favor of the ban. Council members Tom Adams and Becky Shevlin voted against. 

- Oppose Congresswoman Judy Chu's proposed legislation to include Monrovia in a National Recreation Area for the foothills area. The vote was unanimous.

Correction: Becky Shevlin informs me that I mis-heard the vote on the NRA. She tells me that Mayor Lutz voted in favor of Chu's proposal, so the vote was 4-1 to oppose Monrovia being included in the NRA.

Correcting the Correction: Becky Shevlin now informs me that my original report is correct. The vote was unanimous. She says she's very sorry for the mistake.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Thank you Councilmembers Adams & Shevlin for thinking about Monrovia business's , This ordinance will hurt Monrovia and drive people to shop outside the city, Thank you Mary Ann Lutz for once again hurting Monrovia

  2. This is the reason I don't shop in Pasadena. Thanks a heap! Why don't you find some real issues to deal with.