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Police Activity at Hwy Esplanade and Maple

Correspondent Brad Hori writes: Sheriff's helicopter flying low around 1 p.m. Saturday with Arcadia police on the corner of Hwy Esplanade and Maple Avenue [a block north of Huntington]. They have been there for over 1-1/2 hours so far. May have been a car chase. (Picture by Brad Hori.)

UPDATE: Brad Hori noticed that this incident involved Arcadia police. From Arcadia: "Around 1:08 p.m., an officer conducted a high risk traffic stop on a stolen vehicle in the
area of Highway Esplanade and Maple Avenue. The officer discovered the passenger, a
31-year-old Hispanic male, had [allegedly] stolen the vehicle out of Fontana. The suspect had his
relative, a 29-year-old Hispanic female, drive the vehicle for him. Further investigation
revealed she had a suspended license and was in possession of burglary tools. Both
suspects were arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking."

- Brad Haugaard

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