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Governor Signs Two Bills by Monrovia's Assemblyman

Governor Brown today signed Assembly Bills 201 and 250, both by Assemblyman Chris Holden, who represents Monrovia. AB 201 requires the Office of Small Business Advocate to include on its website information on the Small Business Loan Guarantee program's loan guarantees, direct lending, surety bond guarantees, and disaster loans. AB 250 is designed to increase the number of iHubs across California to create more opportunities for start-up companies, promote greater collaboration between innovators and venture capital investment within the state.

Source: Holden press release

Comment: It is amazing that we need both houses of the legislature and the governor's signature to force a state agency to do what it should have done long ago without having its arm twisted - post relevant consumer information on the Internet. I approve of the bill, but CHEESH!

- Brad Haugaard

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