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Status of Bills by Monrovia's Assemblymember

Status of several bills by Assemblymember Chris Holden, who represents Monrovia:

The California Assembly has approved several bills by Assemblymember Chris Holden. These bills now move to the Senate for consideration. In his first legislative session, Assemblymember Holden authored measures to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, streamline programs for small businesses, and encourage state agencies to buy California first.

AB 139 - Domestic Violence Fees This measure strengthens penalties that abusers are required to pay to ensure that more funding is available to Domestic Violence Shelters. It was the first piece of legislation heard on the Assembly floor this session and was unanimously approved.

AB 143 - Military Use Tax Exemption Gives active duty military a tax break from state Use Tax on personal property purchased prior to being transferred into the state. AB 143 is supported by the State Board of Equalization and Veterans groups throughout California.

AB 199 - Choose California Act Encourages state run institutions to buy California agricultural products. Under AB 199, state agencies, public schools districts and public colleges would be encouraged to give California agriculture producers priority when purchasing food products.

AB 201 - Small Business Loan Guarantee Program This bill streamlines the program by making it accessible and user friendly by maintaining an Internet Website that would include information on programs on small business financial guarantees, direct lending and disaster loans.

AB 250 - iHUB Program Will expand the development of iHubs across California and develop more economic opportunities for start-up companies, promoting greater collaboration between innovators and venture capital investment within the state.

AB 358 - Lead Testing Kits Provides specific standards for lead hazard evaluation in public and residential buildings.

AB 358 allows California Department of Public Health to include EPA recognized tests in its lead testing programs.

AB 359 - Airport Rental Agreement Streamlines the Airport Rental Car Facility charge audit process by permitting California's airports, many of which are operated by local governments, to submit to the Legislature the same facility information contained in mandatory disclosures currently required by other regulatory agencies. This bill will remove the financial burden of duplicative audits while maintaining all existing consumer protections enacted by the Legislature.

AB 630 - Architects Prohibits a person from using an architect's work without a written contract or written assignment authorizing that use.

In addition, Assemblymember Holden's AB 72 - Municipal Water Districts - has been approved by both legislative houses and is now on Governor Brown's desk pending his signature.

Holden's AB 132 - Foreclosure Prevention Bill - will be heard June 10 in the Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee.

- Brad Haugaard

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