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Monrovia Assemblyman Disappointed in Supreme Court Decision

A statement by Assemblyman Chris Holden:

"I am disappointed by today's Supreme Court Decision to invalidate the formula used to assess states' and counties' application of the 1985 Voting Rights Act. The Court focused its decision on the fact that the "racial gap in turnout" had been reduced in states subject to oversight since the 1980's.

I believe this is evidence that the Voting Rights Act has been working as intended and should have been left alone. The court's dissent noted that 700 state and local voting changes were rejected by the Department of Justice between 1982 and 2006-strong evidence that the coverage formula and federal oversight has averted minority voter suppression of various forms.

I certainly believe that the future of the Voting Rights Act is at risk. I call on Congress to set aside partisan difference and come together to redraft the coverage formula to restore this important piece of Civil Rights Legislation."

Source: Holden press release

- Brad Haugaard

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