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Progress on Monrovia Metro Maintenance Facility | Broken Ankle | Fine Becoming Fee

~ At the main Metro maintenance building in Monrovia crews are nearing completion on the under-car service pits and the underground utilities for the 24-acre site. Additionally, a retaining wall measuring over 870-feet in length is now under construction along the northern boundary of the property. Source: press release

Man jumps from moving car being pursued by police, breaks ankle.

~ Assemblymember Chris Holden's AB 139 was unanimously approved today in the Senate Public Safety Committee. The bill stipulates that the $500 payment imposed upon every individual who is granted probation for a crime of domestic violence is a fee, and not a fine. This clarification is important because the probationer's fee strengthens programs available for survivors and their children. Source: press release

- Brad Haugaard

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