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Gold Line Progress, Late-Night Freeway Closures Coming Up

The form surrounding the south-side freeway bridge column near Santa Anita.

Habib F. Balian, of the Gold Line, reports progress on the Gold Line ... 
The I-210 Bridge two main column structures in the center median are complete and the “form” was moved early yesterday morning to the southern shoulder and is now installed around the third. The abutments are also well underway, and crews are getting ready to turn their attention to the super-structure.

In the coming weeks, installation of the falsework will begin. This activity will take a number of weeks to complete, and will require up to 20 late-night closures of all eastbound lanes of the I-210 Freeway. Some closures will occur on consecutive nights, and all will take place starting at Midnight with lanes reopening by 5 a.m.
Source: Gold Line press release
- Brad Haugaard

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