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Portantino Claims Victory Over Speaker of Assembly

The staff of Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who represents part of Monrovia, will not be furloughed. Portantino is claiming victory in his dispute with Assembly Speaker Perez, who ordered the furlough after saying Portantino had overspent on office expenses. Portantino denied that, saying he didn't overspend and the layoff was because he voted against Governor Brown's budget. Here is Portantino's letter:
“This afternoon I received a letter from Speaker Perez indicating that the staff of the 44th Assembly District would no longer face unprecedented furloughs.
Though I am thrilled for my staff and district, I am disappointed that the Speaker is holding on to the delusion that this was anything but retaliation for my independent budget vote. 
It never made any sense to single out my staff and the half-million residents of the 44th A.D. because I voted my conscience.
As always, I remain committed to fighting for the issues that I care about and I’m glad we can now focus on taking care of business.”
- Brad Haugaard (from Portantino press release)

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