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Monrovia's Assemblyman Selected as Assembly Democrat of the Year

Sacramento's "Around the Capitol" blog has named Monrovia's representative, Anthony Portantino, as its Assembly Democrat of the year, as selected by its readership:
Portantino said: "From the back bench, it feels pretty good to know that folks inside the capitol know that sunshine is just around the corner.  I’m honored that this little fight has garnered independent support and verification.  Rumor has it that the Speaker has increased Assembly budgets by $20, excluding mine of course, so that members can buy sunscreen in the wake of the Times and Bee court date.  In a belt tightening exercise, I heard it was announced that there is only enough money in the kitty to pay the lawyers so Assembly staff will have to fend for themselves and purchase their own sunscreen.  Seriously, this is a pretty cool thing to have happened, thanks from me, my staff and the good residents of the 44th AD."
The blog also called Senator Bob Huff and Assemblyman Tim Donnelly "compelling" nominees in their categories.
- Brad Haugaard

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