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Florida Tomato Workers to Picket Monrovia's Trader Joe's

A Florida workers-group plans to picket at Trader Joe's Monrovia headquarters at 1 p.m. this Friday "to express their growing impatience" and attempt to persuade the company to sign a contract controlling how much it pays for tomatoes. The contract would also control the company's "supply chain transparency," would enforce on it a "Code of Conduct," and would require "third-party verification," according to a press release from the Florida-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers.
According to CIW spokesman Oscar Otzoy, Trader Joe's already says "that it will only buy from Florida tomato growers abiding by the Fair Food Code of Conduct" and "that it is already paying a penny per pound 'Fair Food Premium' to improve tomato pickers wages. But," Otzoy adds, "we have seen no proof of that."
- Brad Haugaard 

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